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Birth journeys – autumn 2016 diary

Getting ready to attend Implementing the National Maternity Review in Rural Areas conference (#SaTHFMU) next week, I’ve been supporting my friend Sandra Guise, chair of West Cumbria MSLC, who has founded a network for those interested in maternity care for Rural, Remote & Geographically Isolated Populations (#RRGIP @sandra_sjp) under the new National Maternity Voices banner (more on this later), helping her to connect with maternity voices volunteers (she sends me contacts to follow up, and I’m delighted to help out!)

At the same time, I’ve been reflecting on a busy few months in my life as a maternity advocate – full of connecting and networking and sharing ideas. Here’s a bit of my photo-diary:

First stop in the autumn was the Positive Birth Movement conference, organised and chaired by Milli Hill , Continue reading