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The maternity lay representative – #MSLC #MatExp

I was recently asked to write a ‘Day in the Life’ to be part of a feature on maternity people in a journal. I wrote two versions, one an actual day (our April MSLC meeting day), and the other this more reflective piece. I thought that explaining ‘how I got started with this, and what happened then’ might be more helpful than ‘what I do now’. The editor chose the hour-by-hour day. So I am posting this here now as a companion piece to my blog about the NHS Constitution: for maternity commissioners – to explain a little about what volunteer service user MSLC members ‘do’, other than attending formal meetings.

Also acknowledging my many service user rep colleagues for the hours and hours of unpaid time you commit to the work. Those who tell their own stories; those who stay and facilitate the involvement of others. The time listening to women and families; the planning and prep time; the writing up; the meetings; the reading things that make your head hurt (research, policy) because if we join in knowing more of that stuff, maybe we can be more effective – maybe we’ll be heard. Because it takes many working together to see something like the whole picture, and to say clearly, together, that no one of us has the right to speak for all women, or to tell women in general ‘what to think, what to do.’ (6 May 2016) Continue reading

MSLCs – new Department of Health guidelines coming soon

Great news that the 2006 Department of Health MSLC guidelines are being updated – publication of the new guidelines expected soon. Reflecting on where we are now, with thanks to Midirs for permission to post, here is my article from April 2015 on MSLCs.

What are MSLCs? How do they work? What do they contribute in maternity?  Also includes some thoughts on the experience of being a NICE Lay Member (Intrapartum Care, CG190, 2014)

Essentially Midirs April 2015 – Collaborative Working – MSLCs

(Download pdf)